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Spoilt brat

One more thing I need to get out of my overcrowded brain…

I feel terrible and such a burden! Not only do I feel guilty for robbing my parents money, I feel horrid that they have to worry about me. They are paying £700 per month for me to live in a flat that i can not afford. They are also paying my bills and giving me money for food while i do nothing because i quit my job.

The plan is to concentrate on getting “better” (is depression and anxiety even curable?). What if I actually don’t do well at Uni and all of this money and effort was a waste? What if I never amount to anything and become a massive failure?

Have I mentioned I’m dyslexic and my depression makes my memory and concentration on par to that of a dead gold fish? I do not find Uni easy at the best of times. Yes my Uni is supportive but this is my last year of student finance funding, I can not afford to mess up!

My father told me he would give up a million pound for me to be happy. I feel so grateful and so much pressure that I fear will crush me.