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Suddenly i seem to have developed claustrophobia. Maybe now my anxiety has settled i am able to distinguish clear symptoms of my anxiety or perhaps its even a side effect from the mirtazapine.

I dont think i would self diagnose this as typical claustrophobia as i dont get scared, just angry and agitated to the point of wanting to break everything in sight, strip off my clothes and shave my head bald.

Before my anxiety would make me want to avoid loud, crowded and hot spaces but now i even find it difficult to hide under the covers or even find sanctuary in the bath. I dont know how i am suppose to calm myself anymore.

Im sure everyone will say “go for a quiet walk”, but its soo cold out that i need to layer up and layers of hot sweaty clothes do nothing to sooth the claustrophobia.

For now i’ll just stick my head out the window and look totally normal….

Any top tips or sympathisers?