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Shrunk in the wash.

Life is boring, nothing can hold my attention anymore.

I gave up on knitting ages ago, not because I found It hard, just because I couldn’t find a reason to continue with it. I suppose I could of made a scarf, but I rarely go out so I wouldn’t really use it. I could of made a blanket but that would mean going out to buy more wool. I have very little money as it is and spending what I do have on wool seems like a waste and also a waste of effort as I doubt I could make a blanket as superior to the one I’m under now. I doubt I would even feel that joyous accomplishment feeling real people are suppose to get. I could make things and give them to charity but the truth is I am just not that much of a good person to dedicate that much of my time for others. Not forgetting I would probably shrink anything I do make in the washing machine.

This talk of not knitting feels all to familiar with my perspective on living. What’s the point? It takes too much effort and it’s a waste of resources. Not forgetting I’m more than likely to shrink in the wash.