I feel like I’m dead, only my body is taking its own sweet time.


3 responses to “Dead

  1. Trust me, I can relate. It makes it very hard to keep going on but what can we do but try. Are your meds offering any help? the docs? I think with me I always feel a little better when I have a partner. And I think with everyone there is alwys that one thing that makes it not so bad and worth carrying on. Have you found yours? Here if you need a chat.

  2. The main reason why I hate depression…. I haven’t gotten to read much into your blog yet… but I’m interested in your story… mind sharing that with me? You don’t have to, just curious… 😮

    • I havnt wrote in a while and your comments have inspired me to. I’ll do an update later on today.

      I’m happy to say I’m feeling a little better and for once I think I’ll write something positive!

      Thank you for reading my posts, I can’t believe people still do x

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