Anxiety issues

My body hates me for sure.

I have some weird anxiety symptoms that really distress me and make me feel unwell. Most of the time they come on when I’m simply watching tv or something that isn’t causing me anxiety!

• intolerable itchy skin that keeps me up at night.

• sudden energy rush sort of adrenaline thing that makes me feel dizzy

• headaches that make me hyper sensitive to light

• chest pain/ tightening (I sometimes awake up with this)

All make me feel extremely horrid, no wonder I stay on the sofa all day. I know they are reactions to my anxiety that I shouldn’t worry about, they won’t kill me. I wouldn’t mind if they killed me, I just want them to stop.

Since increasing my sertraline from 100mg to 150mg ( last Monday) I swear my anxiety symptoms are worse. Waaaaa 😦


6 responses to “Anxiety issues

  1. I too have days that I do nothing but sit and sleep on the couch for it is the only thing that brings me relief. I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way.

    • I’ve found there is nothing more relaxing than a nice bath! I’ve always seen my bath as a lovely little place to escape in solitude.

      • Funny how I find bathing just the opposite – almost like a chore. Depression and everything that goes along with it including anxiety has taken it’s toll on me. You are young and getting help – which I admire. I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way in hopes you find peace. I am afraid it is too late for me.

      • I am afraid it’s too late for me too! I’ve always had a negative opinion on life, what’s the point really? I hope someone can change the way I think.

        I hope we both find reasons to keep trying xxx

      • Thank you kindly. And you my new friend – keep your head held high and keep seeking help. You are your own best advocate!

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